Our increasingly popular cake smash shoots are a great way to celebrate a 1st birthday…or in fact any birthday!


What's included?

The session begins with a regular mini-portrait session…then comes the messy bit – the cake! Afterwards we can provide a bubble bath and a couple of final shots to complete the shoot..


How many images will I receive?

You will receive approximately twenty high-resolution photos. A link to your gallery will be sent to you (normally within 1-2 weeks) where you can download all of the images from the shoot to your computer/device and share with family and friends.


How long will the shoot take?

At least an hour, but can sometimes last up to three!


Where will the shoot be held?

Your little one’s cake smash can be held in our home studio in Belmont, Durham or a location of your choice.


How much do you charge?

Our cake smash shoots are currently £125inc. All we require to secure a booking is a deposit of £25. There are no hidden extras to pay!


When do I have to pay the balance?

The balance is payable by the day of the shoot. We will send you an invoice.


What is the best time for the shoot?

Indoor shoots are best between morning and early afternoon.


Do I bring the cake?

Yes, please bring your child’s birthday cake. If you can, take the cake out of the fridge an hour before the shoot - some icing is too hard for little fingers to cope with.

What else do I bring?

Some parents bring balloons and or bunting to place in the background. I have some props but prefer that you bring your own so that your images look different to everyone’s else. Please bring some dressy clothes so I can do a mini-portrait session before things get messy!  Please also bring something for them to wear for the cake smash and something to wear to go home in. We have a vintage tin baby bath, bubble bath and towels which is always a nice shot to finish on!


What if one of us gets sick on the day of the photo shoot?

If someone is feeling ill, we will simply reschedule. I prefer not to photograph sick children. They feel miserable (poor little things) and their images will reflect that.


What is the best way to contact you?

Contact us here or email or my mobile number which is 07858 500 175